I believe that people should be required to take phone etiquette courses before they purchase a cell phone and must prove they can follow these 5 BASIC rules:

1. When someone calls you and leaves a message…call them back. Don’t just call when YOU need something.
2. Phones are not MEGA-phones. You do not need to yell into the phone. I do not want to hear your conversation nor does the rest of the world about how you contracted the HIV the other night.
3. When in a restaurant, movie theatre, or public area, turn your phone ringer on low or vibrate. Sure you have a cool ring-tone, but I don’t need to hear “I like big butts and I can not lie…” two decades after it was a one-hit wonder. If you must answer, then kindly remove yourself from the room.
4. When someone is talking to you, do not play with your phone or text messaging. If that person is that boring, maybe you shouldn’t be talking to or hanging out with them.
5. When someone asks for your number and you give it to them, don’t be lame and tell them to call you right then so you have their number. Do that when they actually call you proving that they like you.


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