With fast food restaurants continuing to grow in numbers throughout the United States I have always thought of changing the way we drive thru these “restaurants”. Most fast food restaurants now have 2 lanes for customers to order from, even though 2 lanes is essentially no faster than one lane; it just makes narcissistic Americans think it is. I would like to piggy-back on this 2 lane concept and have the first lane solely for people who are ordering food. The second lane would also be for ordering food; however, while waiting in the second lane one can fill up on gas. The food can be delivered to your car by car hops while you pump gas or someone can be outside providing full-service and pumping gas for you. With the price of gas going up over $1/gallon in the last year, the least that can be done is someone pumping it for you circa 1950.

This endeavor would be the first to combine fast food and gas in a drive thru. Sure, I know we have gas stations where inside there are all sorts of fast food restaurants, but none has lanes devoted for multiple reasons. To get this idea rolling, I believe that Taco Bell and Shell Gasoline should be the first two businesses to invest. Combining Taco Bell with Shell Gasoline would be an easy marketing ploy as well. Taco Bell and Shell Gasoline could change their name to TACO SHELL and the yellow shell symbol at Shell Gas stations could now simply morph into a hard corn taco shell.

Maybe the fumes from the gas would make Taco Bell’s food taste better…or at least seem so….



  1. Bobby says:

    hahaha nice man. I honestly don’t care for this holiday. It always seemed made up to me, and just an excuse to drink. But thanks for humorous (intended?) history lesson

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