I love football, or for Americans, soccer. But foosball is different. It’s a fun bar game and I am moderately good at it. But, if you think people don’t dig the foosball, you are wrong or like me you just know some people are just flippin’ stupid. A luxury foosball table is now being sold in Europe.  





According to the company’s website , “Pricing starts from 48,500 euros ($68,000 American dollars) for the Classic Black and White version. 11 is a luxury football table for discerning lovers of the world’s favourite game. After a full year of careful planning and development it has now gone into limited production.”



 Aren’t there better ways to spend our money people? I get flack for arguing Americans need to focus on our ills. We are not the world’s savior at a time of tragedy. We have people in New Orleans still suffering from Katrina 5 years after the fact. Shouldn’t we start asking the rest of the world to step up (hint hint: Europe…China…Australia….)? And I don’t mean 1/100th of the donations. I mean half. Forget the golden foosball table, and help a brother out (including your American brothers whose pockets are mostly empty or writing IOU’s).


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