I had dinner with some friends today at a “Palominos” Mexican restaurant in Stillwater, OK and the food was some of the better Mexican food in OK (I spent 25 years in CA so I know traditional Mexican food and OK is truly Tex-Mex which means anything associated to Texas has to be a little incomplete). The food wasn’t bad, but any place who has two cocks painted on to its’ ceiling may need to change the ambience a little…

But on to my real point of this post… The bowl of chips with salsa they offer you were rapidly disappearing and as would be the logical result we found ourselves with one chip left in the bowl.

I sat and stared for 5 minutes at that last chip wondering who would take it. One of my friends eventually broke the chip in half (Monk would have freaked out and said take the whole chip since you already touched it), but that was not the case. As we finally started discussing this last chip nobody wanted to take it. In spite of this, knowing that more chips were coming and all we had to do was ask for more if we really were that hungry, nobody picked it up. Finally, I said, “ok I’ll be that guy, and picked up the chip.” As I dipped it into my salsa it broke into two and of course I then got two last chips and not one.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Take the last chip. Who knows if more will come? If they do come, then choose not to be the glutton. One bowl is enough…if you do care about your health…you probably ordered something since you are at a restaurant and not a chips and salsa store…plus, someone has to be that guy since “there are starving kids in Ethiopia and nobody should waste food if that’s the case” (as my generation of kids was told growing up).



  1. Sam Powers says:

    Good one! haha!

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