Sir Alex Ferguson was recently given a ban by the FA for comments made to sensitive “journos” (if you have never heard that term please watch the movie below…asap…as if your life depeneded on it…cuz it does).


Today was Sir Alex’s first of the five match ban. He sat up in the owner’s box with a pseudo-phone, walkie-talkie, and orchestrated like a puppeteer from above.

According to http://www.manutd.com, “Dimitar Berbatov poked home a potentially priceless late winner for the league leaders, who had been frustrated for long periods by a magnificent defensive display from Bolton, while also being reduced to 10 men for a heavy challenge by Jonny Evans on Stuart Holden.” Berbatov upped the ante on Carlos Tevez’ (the traitor) and pushed the league scoring tally up to 19.

The heavy challenge did not deserve a red card; if any card, a yellow. Both players went into a tackle, and Stuart Holden preceded Evans’. Yet in spite of this, Evans’ came out the victor and the villain.

Arsenal FC struggled for the fourth match in a row with a late comeback draw today. I need to make sure I point out the previous 3 losses knocked Arsenal out of cup/tournament play this year…AND I really should say years rather than matches but that’s another story for the French Manager of Arsenal FC to devise and deceive (not conceive, because conception implies success. not failure)…

Arsenal FC are now sitting 5 points behind Manchester United with a match in hand (9 games for the Gooners, 8 for the Red Devils)…

Great finish to the season and the cup is up for grabs…just remember…“If you want to go to heaven when you die…you must keep the red flag flying high…go get yourself a red bonnet…put fuck the scousers on it…if you want to go to heaven when you die…”


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