Every participant gets a medal at the Special Olympics…Little League Baseball gives all youth participants a trophy nowadays…first or last…but why? Are kids really that sensitive? Not everybody wins in this world. Part of growing up is learning how to deal with losing.

When I was a kid, I walked to school 3 miles every day (true story…not that bullshit story people say just to make it seem real), I had chores, I was given a soccer ball, a dog, and told to use my imagination. I didn’t have video games. My imagination made me curious and want to learn about the world. And I thank that for why I have the ability to think on my own. Now, kids feel like they don’t need to learn but are rather entitled to it…

High Schools across America today are handing out diplomas like it’s candy to Catholic priests and their altar boys.

A High School education to my Mamaw and Papaw (grandparents) was like gold. A college diploma to my parents was the same. Logical progression of knowledge and intelligence. Today a college diploma means less than it did 30 years ago since colleges hand out diplomas faster than the rate that they handed out high school diplomas 50+ years ago in this country. Just like a high school diploma to my parents. EVIDENCE?

Remedial classes in college are increasing dramatically. Non-traditional students in college have a reason for needing remedial classes, but if a traditional student needs to take a remedial class then either that is saying one of or more of a few things: 1) your high school sucked when it came to providing you an education, 2) you are deficient and need to go back to high school, 3) or high school diplomas are meaningless.

Flunk kids again for once. Michael Jordan didn’t make the cut one time and became the best Basketball player ever…failure does not mean the end of the world…


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