I used to be a fan of Chad Johnson…not so much anymore. Mr. Ego changed his name to “ochocinco” and is now changing it back after the name had served its’ purpose according to Mr. Johnson. His progression from entertaining, impressive, exceptional wide receiver who called cornerbacks out for their failures to a no touchdown dancing reality love tv star who played second fiddle last year to T.O. (the guy who literally “loves me some me”) is sad yet hilarious.

The dude can talk and chicks dig him but after all of his gab, with no gift of such, he takes another leap of irrational faith…He accepts a tryout with MLS team Kansas City…The dude is a wide receiver in the NFL…is he afraid the lockout might last longer and he needs another job? I hope he tries out for Goalie since those are the only people that use their hands on the pitch. Or maybe he is trying to be the Tony Meola of the NFL.

Now I know he likes the sport, but so do I more than 90% of Americans. I played second fiddle and rode the bench more often than not to much better players and some worse while I was in college. And this guy gets a nod for a tryout? Really? Is the MLS in need of that much attention? The MLS needs to focus on soccer rich communities…Columbus, Seattle, Salt Lake, Los Angeles come to mind as great examples…along with San Diego (who doesn’t have a team but should have one…ahem..hence it would be nice to see the San Diego Sockers FC outdoors…maybe Zoltan could coach too).

Ultimately, if you want the public’s attention of your league MLS, then I suggest LA Galaxy offer Charlie Sheen a tryout…or Lindsay Lohan so long as she wears that white dress…

Let the boys kick it out and earn their spots regardless of their last name (whatever it may be this month)…just don’t make a mockery of my sport!!!


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