Islam followers have been growing in numbers over the last decade more so than ever before. It is a very patriarchic religion where men have control and women must be submissive. Even in death, Muslims are supposed to receive 99 bottles of beer on the wall or 72 virgins. Do they not realize one woman is hard enough to handle, let alone 72. It just doesn’t make sense, or does it Mormons?

Recently, Christians have found less people are attending church regularly and the atheist/agnostic population in the United States is growing rapidly to 10-13% (if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands). In fact, there are studies showing a correlation between education and religiosity: the more educated you are the less religious you are. So why do all the educated and smart people not believe in unproven hypotheses and yet the rest of the world does? It’s like the song from Motown…”Do you believe in magic?” And apparently everyone in the United States wants to raise their hand.

Regardless of my opposition to organized religion, I found the marketing scheme of Christians recently quite intriguing…View this link to see what I mean : Marketing for God 

I guess that answers who…no wonder people are always asking “what” would jesus do? I guess we already know who…


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