THE BEST HAMBURGER IN AMERICA recently announced its’ list of 50 fattiest foods in the U.S.  No surprise, since American diets are horrendous nowadays. People eat what is available and what is fast. We eat gigantic portions that leave us feeling like we are about to have a food baby. Americans are just getting too big. Turn on the tv and watch “the Biggest Loser” if you don’t agree. I admit life is short so we do have the right to indulge, but in moderation.

Having lived in California most my life, I was blessed with the opportunity to regularly eat the best hamburgers in America and now that hamburger has made it on this list:,,20393387_6,00.html.

Most Americans won’t care, nor will I. The list is very insightful and many of the foods look just plain fattening, but the “Double-Double” will always be on my mind, in my heart, and wind up in my stomach. If you have never been to an In-n-Out franchise then you are missing out on the best fast-food establishment in America. They pay their employees well above their counterparts. Everything you eat at their place is fresh, from veggies to French Fries (the potatoes are cut on site), and the “not so secret” menu is a pure marketing success (In-N-Out has an unbelievably simple menu, yet there is more that meets the eye)…see for yourself here: rather than the menu you see below in every franchise.

I prefer my French Fries “Animal Style”…French Fries, grilled onions, and special sauce (all thousand island-like)…you should try them if you ever get the chance…and freeze and ship some to me while you’re at it…

Just goes to show, the West Coast does it right…


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