When I think of fast, I think of Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man. I think of Superman, the HTC EVO phone, Speedy Gonzalez, and the sexual prowess of a 13 year old. However, I do not think of a beer tap. I’ve ordered more beers than I can recall in my short lifetime and most beer taps are not fast. Most beer taps produce more head than a porn star; especially at places like Buffalo Wild Wings where a 23 oz. beer becomes a 16 oz. beer with foam.

However, the people of Boston, the home of Samuel Adams and one of America’s most historic cities has found a way to speed things up. Boston is the home of where apparently if you go to the right place everyone knows your name (Cheers) and you can get your beer filled faster than the speed of light.

The Boston Red Sox have come up with an innovative product where beer cups have a hole cut out in the bottom, with a magnetic ring around the whole. The discs in the bottom of the cup (which can often be used as advertisements) are actually magnets. When the cup is placed on the dispenser, it pushes the disc up, and the machine fills up the beer (it knows how much to put in). When the cup is lifted, the magnet snaps back in to place and the cup is sealed! See for yourself…


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