People always complain about drivers who go too slow. I want to complain about drivers who go too fast. When there is a speed LIMIT in a certain area it is based on research made by your state department of transportation. If the speed limit posted is 70mph, then that means no driver should go faster than 70mph!!! It doesn’t mean the fast lane is meant for people who want to break the law. The fast lane means go 70mph at the most in this lane. Speeding deaths in Australia equate to 40% of traffic related deaths. In the United States, speeding-related crashes resulted in 13,192 fatalities in 2004. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA, 2005). The economic costs of crashes that involved excessive speed were $40.4 billion, representing 18 percent of total crash costs and an average cost of $144 for every person in the United States. (NHTSA, 2002).  

I propose that for every mile over the limit a person speeds they must pay $100 in fines. We have limits for drinking while driving and statistics show that speeding is just as unsafe so we must enforce laws that have the same connection. I guarantee that a person driving 10mph over a 70mph speed limit would think twice the next time they consider speeding because of that $1000 fine they just had to pay.


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