I do not mean to get so partisan, but the Republican Party should be ashamed. The government is set to shut down tonight at midnight. The Republican Party is entirely to blame. If you think otherwise then you need objectify your thought process. Republicans won’t even send their House Speaker Boehner to represent them and compromise on behalf of the Republican caucus. People want to blame the conflict on Barack Obama. But, I think Americans forget the budget has to pass both chambers before it even reaches the desk of the President. The Clinton administration handed the Bush administration a check book with $ in the account. The Bush administration spent 3x the amount we had in our bank account. Americans realized the Republicans and Bush were spending too much so they gave the checkbook to the Democrats. In order to survive as a government, and not send us into a recession created simply because Republicans spend too much when they get in charge, we still need to pay some bills. Republicans who fail to recognize the American public is hurting because of their decisions need to check themselves before they wreck themselves. We spend 55 billion $ a year on military defense but would rather fight over $7 billion related to female health care. The Republican Party is the new American Al-Qaeda. Taking away the rights of women for the sake of an oppressive rich few…Trickle this…


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