Terrell Owens while walking up and down the sidelines once coined the phrase, “I love me some me!” The boisterous wide receiver had no problem letting the world know what he not only liked but loved: himself. Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with someone liking themself; however, lately it seems as if there is a trend of liking things that make no sense.

Just look at the most famous of all social networks, Facebook. You can post comments or status updates and after they have been posted, the “like” tab appears. For non-Facebook users, that is when other people are allowed to click on the tab indicating that they liked your comment or status update. But, some Facebook users have gone a little too far. They post their comments and then when the “like” tab appears, they “like” their own comment. That’s like giving yourself a high-five every time you think you said something brilliant. We already know you like your comment. You already said it. No need to pat yourself on the back; that’s what others are supposed to be there for.

Another example was just yesterday as I was walking around on campus. I noticed a student wearing a bright purple t-shirt with the slogan in large print on the front “I Love Haters”, similar to the pic above and just like the “I Love NY” shirts made so famous in the 1980s. I walked up to the student and said, “That’s rather narcissistic of you.” And to my surprise (hint: sarcastic tone here), he said “huh?” He didn’t get it. If you’re so into yourself that you have to think people hating you is a good thing just goes to show you’re a moron and probably should have been swallowed by a live tiger at birth.

 My last example here (and there are many more – I just don’t want to make this post a novel – but if you have an example please comment), is the trend of wearing t-shirts and wristbands that say “I love boobies!” I understand it’s for a good cause, Breast Cancer Awareness, but girls wearing anything that says “I love boobies” just seems a little unnecessary and guys wearing the same seems “immature and almost creepy.” Just imagine if every September, which is Prostate Cancer Awareness month, guys and girls walked around with shirts and wristbands saying “I love balls” or “I love testicles”. Support the cause…we get the point when you simply say “support breast cancer awareness,” but don’t make a mockery of a very important health concern.

Ultimately, this recent trend of liking absurd things does not make sense. Step back for a second and ask yourself, “Do I like stupid things?” If you answer yes, then you probably shouldn’t admit/publicize it. Nobody needs to know you like Jersey Shore because if they do, they probably feel sorry for you almost as much as they do for the entire cast of that show.   



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