Church congregations often become divided. Compromise usually resolves differences in religious interpretation, but sometimes churches choose a side. You do know your church’s problems have begun to spin out of control when they suck the majority of a city council meeting into the fray. It’s safe to say that Tabernacle Baptist Church in Oklahoma City has had some issues lately…but this shouldn’t come as a surprise as most of the “religulous” in America have issues as well – i.e. believing in ridiculous interpretations of the Bible written by 100s of unknown authors and altered for centuries. Isn’t that right King James?

According to an OKC city council meeting memo, “the matter started with an internal dispute at the church and escalated to a charge of disorderly conduct against the head deacon, then two complaints of assault and battery against the pastor, which were declined for prosecution. Two cross complaints of assault and battery between the pastor and head deacon are pending review.” I’m fairly certain Jesus would not resort to fisticuffs…he’d probably just march peacefully singing hymns of freedom and carrying a sign.

Since members of the city council had conflicts of interest regarding this matter (including one council member who attends that same church), absence of the mayor, and a recusal by one council member, quorum in a recent city council meeting was barely met to decide whether to appoint a special council to review the complaints and file charges if necessary. The District Attorney and Police Chief were willing to look into the matter if the council decided that was the best avenue of resolve. The two factions in this church holy war were well represented at the meeting and both agreed this was the best option. Well at least they can finally agree on something in the church besides letting pedophiles roam free and without reprimand.


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