We have all experienced the driver who drives to slow in the fast lane and many of us always ask ourselves “are they Asian or old?” Statistically, Asians excel in school greater than any other ethnicity in the U.S., but when Asians get behind the wheel it seems as if they just found themselves in a box of kryptonite hindering their ability to press the pedal on the right. And when you drive past to find it’s an 80 year old Asian behind the wheel most of us, if not already 80 or Asian, shake our head like we just have been diagnosed with a nervous twitch.

While the majority of this post is not entirely related to Asian drivers or 80 year old drivers, it is loosely connected to generalizing groups of drivers. Recently, the city of Triberg, Germany engaged in a publicity stunt featuring “women only” parking spaces and has sparked an international furor. “Gallus Strobel, the mayor of Triberg, Germany introduced “easy” parking spots for women in a public-parking garage that are wider and have better lighting. The 12 spaces are painted with the international symbol for women. Two “men only” spots have concrete pillar hazards and can be accessed only by reversing. The action, which was supposed to increase tourism in the town, has drawn accusations of sexism.” I say nonsense. We all know men prefer to fit in tight spots so this doesn’t surprise me.


While Triberg was once known best as the home of the world’s biggest cuckoo clock, some think it may now be home to the biggest cuckoo Mayor.


“Ironically, a recent study out of Britain found that women are better at parking than men. An analysis of drivers across England gave women a score of 13.4 out of 20 compared with 12.3 for men. Parking technique, accuracy and time were evaluated in the study by NCP, a parking-garage company. However, women are slower than men at parking — taking an average of 21 seconds, compared with 16 for men, the study found.” Slow and steady always wins the race.

“The Triberg mayor griped that people who were offended by the female-only parking spots had no sense of humor. He may have gotten the idea from planners in the Chinese city of Tianjin. They recently introduced parking spots that only women are allowed to use. They are generally wider, better lit — and marked with pink paint.” Which begs the questions: 1) Women are really allowed to drive in China? And 2) How big are the cars in China? For a country known for hating giving birth to a female since only one child is allowed per family, it almost shocks me they let females drive. I thought that’s why they immigrate to America…for freedom to drive…and to drive an SUV so that when they crash, not if they crash, they will likely survive while rolling on dubs.



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