In 2005, when I first moved to hell (I mean Oklahoma) the first thing I realized is that Oklahoma was a decade behind the rest of the country. The heat is unbearable & the weather unpredictable in OK, but nothing baffled me more than the fact that people still used rollerblades and wrote checks at the store.


You could go to any restaurant, eat dinner, and then pay with a check. Having lived in California for 25 years prior to my move to OK, it made no sense to me that this was allowed in OK considering that practice ended in CA circa 1980’s. Over the last 7 years OK has still evolved slower than molasses. Rollerblades have faded out for the most part, but you still see people using them from time to time. Most restaurants no longer accept personal checks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t write a check elsewhere in OK.


Today, I went to buy a bag of dog food only and as I stood in the one open lane the person ahead of me proceeded to start to write a check to pay for their goods. As the cashier was running the check, the line behind me grew from 3 people to 10. Paying with a check takes ten times longer than paying with cash or a debit/credit card, so my patience started to grow thinner and thinner. The lady behind me who was likely in her 60’s or 70’s started to gripe and as she did so the cashier said “I’m sorry, your check has been declined.”

With only one lane open steam came from my head like a teapot about to prepare tea. The cashier ran the check again, but again to no avail. It took me 2 minutes to grab dog food and stand in line, but now I’ve been in the store for over 15 minutes because some moron decided not to use cash or a card. In replacement of the check, the purchaser attempted to use a card. Why the hell didn’t you use it the first time I thought? But then the card was declined as well. Buying a simple bag of dog food led to a 25 minute standing in line and as I’ve always said, if patience is a virtue then I am not virtuous.  


The purchaser just wasted my time and my frustration had grown to a tipping point. I paid for my dog food and left, but suggest for those of you who use checks in stores: don’t be “that guy” and piss a whole store of customers off. As for the store, open another damn lane. Why have 25 lanes when only one is open and there are workers all over the place? As Monday Night Football would say, “Come on Man!” This is 2012 not 1982. For goodness sake, make the old guy sitting at the front door saying hello to everyone be useful and learn to use a register.



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