In 2008 we saw the election of our 43rd white President of the United States. Some people would like to believe it is our first non-white President, but yet I disagree. He is our first mixed African-American/white President. Barack Obama is just as much white as he is non-white. Others like Donald Trump are so blinded by political ideology that he even thinks we elected our first non-American born President. With that mentality no wonder so many of Trump’s businesses have gone bankrupt. With the 2012 elections almost near and the Conventions coming to a close this week, the First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech on 9/4/12 at the Democratic National Convention made me wonder when we might have our first female President.


Females in this country have long been underrepresented in government positions and as elected officials. Jeannete Rankin fought to become the first female Congresswoman and Nancy Pelosi was just not too long ago finally appointed to the highest position in Congress as Speaker of the House. Condoleeza Rice and Hillary Clinton have both served in high ranking positions under Bush and Obama, respectively, but this begs to wonder if this is really true representation for women in the United States. Are Americans really that scared of a minority President or a female President? Obama was elected and racial tensions have not exaggerated to Ted Nugent style war. Would electing a female President be so bad? Much of the rest of the world has already elected females as their top government officials, but the United States has not. If we are the bastion of freedom and equality throughout the world, why have we only nominated women as Vice Presidential nominees yet not elect one as a VP nor as President. Are redneck Americans really scared of a female President? Do Americans really believe that a female is more likely to press the red button as the old joke goes or are we just becoming increasingly more ignorant about diversity as if our country is Benjamin Button going back in time rather than FORWARD (had to throw in the Obama motto for 2012 somehow of course)?


If we are to advance in society we must all be treated equally…including Republicans in spite of their absurd views like Akin and his ninja warriors preventing rape pregnancies in the womb. In fact, I respect Republicans and their views, no matter how wrong they are. The other political parties have to beat someone in election campaigns so it might as well be the Tea Baggers. At the end of the day, I wonder who would win an election and become the first female President if only women could run for election today. Based on contemporary politics, on one side you have Hillary Clinton vs. Michelle Obama and on the other you have Sarah Palin vs. Condoleeza Rice. I know who I would pick if I was a female…do you?



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