Sometimes it baffles me how little attention people pay to details. Simplifying things does not always equate to better results. Just think of “fast-food”. I’m sure it is much faster to order food from a fast-food restaurant than it is to cook a similar meal at home, but that has a lot to do with the preparation of the meal rather than the cooking itself. And, in all reality the impact on your health is much worse if you order fast-food regularly rather than cook at home; just like the documentary Super Size Me demonstrated. While this may seem to be a post about healthy eating it is actually about the attention to details rather than the oversimplification of society. While driving home the other night I noticed signs posted by our very own Department of Transportation that stood out and made me wonder did anyone consider editing or contacting the Grammar Police before posting these signs. As a result I came up with a list of some of my favorite signs that seemingly lacked attention to detail.

7. Shouldn’t this be at Exit 420?


6. When was the last time anyone used a circular bomb with a wick as if we were Captain Jack and the Pirates of the Caribbean? But did they really have to add the midgets too?


5. This must be a new form of soccer hooliganism.


4. If I die instantly, who pays the fine? “Obamacare” is my guess.


3. Really? I never knew rain made it wet outside. I thought asphalt was a natural sponge.


2. Not all children are the same, but do we really need to point out the negatives? I think it’s pretty disrespectful to point out children that may have limited or deficient abilities compared to other kids their age. Shouldn’t it say “Slow. Children at Play” rather than “Slow Children at Play.”


1. Did Clark Kent become Superman while running across the Freeway? I have never once in my life seen a family run across a freeway. The implication that people cross highways for freedom is practically ironic considering the word freeway is almost the same as the word freedom itself. This picture is seen in many border states to Mexico with a male dragging a female and then a child flying in the air as if Superman was just born.



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